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This course consists of two classroom sessions where candidates learn how to teach basic methodology, ethics and research techniques to beginning genealogists. Students learn how to develop lesson plans, to present workshops and evaluate lessons they have been presented. It is expected that the candidates will prepare and teach at least 10 hours of workshops. The Open Book exam is designed to serve as their teachers’ resource book. It is shown to the Board of Certification at their meeting with them. Successful candidates are expected to sign the SGS Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. There is an expectation that the successful candidates will continue to keep abreast of the latest methodology and teaching techniques by attending seminars and workshops and participating in SGS activities. The Saskatchewan Record Searcher Course is a compulsory part of this certificate program.


  • To prepare one to teach adults beginning genealogy from a Saskatchewan perspective
  • To develop instructors who are able to promote scholarship and ethical research methods relevant to the study of genealogy and family history.


  1.  To learn what techniques work when teaching adults
  2.  To learn how to organize yourself and the resources you need to teach a class
  3.  To learn how to develop a lesson plan
  4.  To learn what genealogical resources are available in Saskatchewan
  5.  To learn to teach problem analysis and how to develop a research plan
  6.  To learn standards of evidence and the need for ethics for genealogists
  7.  To learn/practice how to present workshops on how to begin a genealogical/family history search


  •  Consists of two classroom sessions – 7 – 8 hours in each session
  •  10 workshop presentations of 1-2 hours each after the second class has been completed

Exam:   $25.00 – Open book exam that will serve as a handbook for the material covered in the classes.  Exam to be completed by:

Course Fee:      $225.00


  • Tracing Your Saskatchewan Ancestors: A Guide to the Records and How to Use Them, 4th edition      $27.00
  • Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian …   $29.70
  • Genealogy and the Law in Canada …   $20.00
  • Genealogical Standards of Evidence by Brenda D. Merriman 2010- may be purchased at Chapters or Dundurn Press

Other recommended reading or reference books:

  • The Records of the Department of the Interior and research Concerning Canada’s Western Frontier of Settlement – in SGS library or for sale $33.30
  • Professional Genealogy by Elizabeth Shown Mills – in SGS library. For those who plan to be instructors I strongly recommend purchasing this one. It is pricey and is out of print – try

Certification Criteria:

  • Must have successfully completed the class and workshop requirements
  • Must have completed the Open Book exam
  • Must be a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
  • Must sign SGS Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and Letter of Agreement


There is an expectation that anyone who wishes to be an SGS Certified Saskatchewan Instructor will continue to further their knowledge in the field of genealogy by reading current periodicals, continuing to do research, attending lectures and seminars and actively supporting the SGS.