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In 1975, the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) began the task of locating all Saskatchewan cemeteries, including private burials and recording all tombstones. A number of SGS Branches have been actively recording cemeteries in their area. SGS works with Rural Municipalities and Village Offices; churches and various intercultural groups who wish cemeteries of their Heritage to be recorded and preserved. When possible, burial records are provided by custodians of the cemetery records.

We have 3,487 cemeteries located and 2,548 have been recorded. The cemetery records are kept on file in our Library and Research Room and in the Cemetery Index on this website.

The recorded cemeteries provide over 440,000 burial records and of these about two-thirds have been indexed and are included in the Burial Index which is located on our website under the Databases tab.

The cemetery program has become recognized as a vital program to preserve the Cultural Heritage of a community. Communities and individuals have become involved with this program to preserve their records as a matter of community pride. Sometimes a cemetery is the only tangible evidence of a community.

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society has been working with Financial and Consumer Affairs on the Cemetery project and appreciates their financial support. Legislation now requires custodians of cemeteries to make records available during regular working hours. This makes your research so much easier.

As part of the projects, two guides ere produced, Operating Your Small Cemetery and Saskatchewan Historic Cemetery Preservation Guide. The Cemetery Index has also been updated to provide information required and provided by both organizations. These are all located on our website under the Cemetery tab.