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The following books are authored by expert genealogists and are an excellent addition to any genealogical library.  Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.  Payment information and order form can be found at SGS Marketplace.


Forensic Genealogy, by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD.       $28.50

• make unconventional discoveries from surprising sources
• gain an understanding of how your ancestors lived
• develop fascinating insights into your family history

DNA & Genealogy, by Colleen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser    $24.50

• The basics for those who are new to DNA testing.
• Important insights for more experienced genetic genealogists.
• Fascinating anecdotes for everyone.


Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian, by Elizabeth Shown Mills     $33.00

Evidence! Provides a common ground upon which all can meet, speak the same language, and share their results—reliably.


Western Canadian Directories on microfiche and microfilm, 3rd Edition, 2003, compiled by Dave Obee    $10.50

This is the third edition of a popular and helpful guide to a key family history resource in Western Canada – the community directory. These directories can be used in many ways. They can add information not found in census records or civil registration documents. They can help track families between censuses. It is also possible to use directories as a substitute for census indexes, as well as for censuses that have not been released.


Federal Voters Lists in Ontario – 1935-1979, compiled by Dave Obee   $8.50

This finding id is the first published guide to federal lists in Ontarion – a collection of almost 300 rolls of microfilm available through the National Archives of Canada. It lists the federal electoral districts for each election, and provides the numbers of the microfilm reels and the page numbers for those districts.

Genealogy & the Law in Canada
, by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson   $23.00

Digital records and broad access to the Internet have made it easier for genealogists to gather relevant information from distant sources and to share the information they have gathered. The law, however, remains tied to particular geographic locations. This book discusses how specific laws – access to information, personal data protection, libel, copyright, and regulation of cemeteries – apply to anyone involved in genealogical research in Canada.


Researching Canadian Land Records, 2nd Edition, by Sharon L. Murphy     $18.00

It all starts with the Land… Whether it was just a small tract or several thousand acres, it all meant the same thing, independence and freedom.  This book has been prepared to give an introduction to various types of land settlement and the records that were created…


Using Register Offices for English & Welsh Certificates…, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Penelope Christensen      $14.00

Revised millennial edition of a favourite money saver! Contains all Registration Districts from 1837 to date, showing how to obtain birth, marriage and death certificates for half the price!  District Lists 1837-1965 by numbered area for those hand-to-decipher names. Plus websites & E-mail addresses.

Researching English Contemporary Documents…
, by Dr. Penelope Christensen     $19.00

This book surveys the genealogical significance and accessibility of a host of ancillary English documents such as diaries, directories, newspaper, records of Britons abroad, visitations, illustrations, death-related records and topographical and local historical works.  The key you need to unlocking the door of your brick wall may be in here.

Researching Irish Monumental Inscriptions, by Brian W. Hutchison, BComm, CMA, CG, FSA(Scot)     $17.00

Monumental inscriptions, known in Ireland as ‘memorials of the dead’, can sometimes connect the major life events of birth and death. They often precede or out-survive other sources.  This book includes information on the genealogical value of monumental inscriptions, their content, the time periods of their existence, and the availability and access to these records.