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The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) Library and Research Room is located in Room 110 – 1514 11th Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan. The It is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm.  See Hours for the list of closures.

Please note that the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society’s Library and Research Room and Office is SCENT FREE.

The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library and Research Room is made up of materials based on the needs and interests of its membership and the general public. These resources range from how to get started doing research in each area to indexes and records that enable the researcher to trace their ancestors from Saskatchewan back to the 1600’s in Canada and the United States, the 1500’s in Great Britain and Scandinavia and the 1700’s in Europe. A selection of gazetteers and maps help the researcher to find the names and locations of communities their ancestors lived in. This information helps with learning the current names of communities and points to possible locations where the records they need could be found today.

The SGS Library and Research Room collection began with how-to books and a collection of genealogies put together by members. As the membership grew, so did the collection. At the end of 2018 the collection consisted of 22,583 books, 25,765 microform, 704 maps, 129 CD/DVDs. Total value of the collection is presently in excess of $387,503.

Beginning with the publication of the first Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletin, the lists of the new materials added to the SGS collection have been listed in each edition of the Bulletin. In 1971, 1975, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1986 and 1993, copies of the library collection were published and made available to the membership. The computer program used for the 1992 edition quickly became obsolete so no new copies of the SGS Library List are available, but there are still copies of the 1992 edition available for borrowing. SGS has a commercial library program and most of the resources have been added. The Library Catalogue is available on on our website and we hope to have some sections updated soon .

Articles about the special collections for Ontario, Quebec, United States, British Isles, Europe, the Metis Scrip records have been printed in the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletin.  Only members of the Society are able to access these records in person but SGS will do research for members and non-member. (Monies raised through research help purchase more materials for the library.)

An important part of the library collection is the obituary, cemetery and Saskatchewan Resident Index programs. Members and non-members from throughout the province volunteer their time to update and maintain these valuable collections. The obituary collection was begun in 1972 with obituaries from the Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Since that time over 150,000 obituaries have been collected. The majority date from 1985 but there are many from the 1800’s and this collection is only to the end of 2001. This collections has been scanned and indexed by volunteers and should be available on our website under Databases folder by the end of the year.  All obituaries received from 2002 on are being indexed and added to the Saskatchewan Resident’s Index (SRI) which is located under Databases folder.

The Cemetery Collection began in 1975 to locate cemeteries and private burial sites throughout the province. To date 3,493 cemeteries and/or burial sites in 299 Rural Municipalities are registered with copies of records for 2,573 of these sites in the collection. The list of sites and those for which there are records is found on SGS Cemetery Index web page. The public as well as members may access the cemetery collection in person. Searches for a fee can be made for those who cannot come to the library. The fees enable SGS to maintain the cemetery program.

The Saskatchewan Residents Index (SRI) was started as the 25th Anniversary project. It is a database with more than 3.3 million names taken from local histories, Cummins Maps, Voters’ Lists, cemetery records, school year books and some city and rural directories. Information is continually being added to the database. This database is located on our website under Databases.

Some branches of SGS maintain small libraries. Their collections are sometimes found in the local public library.  The branches all received a Core Collection from SGS when they were formed. Borrowing restrictions prevail. These branches may have purchased microfilm copies of their local newspaper and begun indexing birth, marriage and death items. Contact the local branch for more information about their collection and research policies. Funds raised through research enable branches to continue indexing projects. Please support their efforts.