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Effective 2012 Saskatchewan Genealogical Society publishes a journal three times a year called the Bulletin.    Prior to 2012 they were published quarterly.  Below is a list of all the Bulletin by year, volume and issue.  Each issue is marked with an “A” or “S” which tells you if copies are available “A” or sold out “S”.

NOTE:  Space does not permit for a complete list of contents in each issue.  Issues contain queries, announcements, book reviews, branch reports, library updates and more.  On our web site we have a Subject Index from 1992 to 1997 and from 2002-2006.  There is a paper copy of the index for sale called “Subject Index to the SGS Bulletin Volume 1, 1970 to Volume 32, 2001” .  Descriptions are listed below for all issues published after 2001.  Postage and handling – contact SGS office.

A  – Issues available for sale – Regular $1.50 each
S  – Issues out-of-print can be photocopied – $7.50 per issue.  (At your request only).

2013 Issues – $12.00 each (sale price not included)


Bulletins in the 1970sSOLD OUT

Bulletins in the 1980sSOLD OUT

Bulletins in the 1990s

Bulletins in the 2000s