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Available through SGS – HOME (Historical Ownership Mapping Endeavour) RM Maps and CD.  HOME provides the names, dates, and locations of approximately 400,000 Original Dominion Land Grantees in the Province of Saskatchewan.  A paper map of each RM is available showing the ownership of each ¼ section throughout the RM.  A CD is also available with a search function that will zero in on the grantee.  The CD has overlaying maps, searches fast and easy, pinpoints grant location, zooms in on details, has popup window with full name of grantee, grant number, and date.  There is also an explanation of the Dominion Land Survey System, a History, and a digital copy of the 2005 Saskatchewan Grid Road Map.

Suggested Minimum Requirements:
  Windows 98, Pentium 3, 700 Mhz, 500 Mgb free hard drive space, 128 Mg. RAM.  The HOME CD does not work on Apple products.


CD – $20.00 plus postage and handling.  



Map – $20.00 plus postage and handling.  

Home CD:  $4.00 Canada
Home Map: $4.00 folded / $15.00 rolled

For shipping outside of Canada please contact SGS

Photo courtesy of R & M. Computer Systems, Weyburn,  SK

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