Basic Search of Saskatchewan Records

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Basic Search of Saskatchewan Records

Fee: $65.00 per person (includes spouse)

The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society will do a basic search of Saskatchewan sources. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the name of the person(s), the location in Saskatchewan, and a time frame in which the person(s) may have resided in Saskatchewan.

Sources that will be searched:

  •  Homestead index and file(s)
  •  Obituary Files
  •  Cemetery index and file(s)
  •  Local histories
  •  Newspaper index
  •  Saskatchewan Resident’s Index (SRI)
  •  Census Index 1891 and 1901 for Assiniboia East, Assiniboia West and the District of Saskatchewan.  1906, 1911, 1916, 1921, 1926 for Saskatchewan
  • SGS Library Catalogue (family histories)

If a location is known or found as a result of the above search we will also check:

  • School histories
  • Directories if they exist for the research area
  • Cummins Map & Home Project Maps(s)
  • Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Threshold online
  • Newspapers if they exist for the research area. Note: This depends on whether or not the local newspaper for the research area has been preserved.
  • Probate records up to 1931

You will receive an e-mail report of the research that has been done, noting all the sources checked. The report will also give recommendations for areas in which further research could be done. Paper copies will be sent on request only. An additional fee of $7.00 will be charged for processing and postage.

Should you require a more in-depth search done; the Society can supply you with the name of a researcher who could do this work for you.


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